Alcohol withdrawal



Using alcohol seems like a quick escape solution of our everday problems but always results in serious long-term health and social problems. Many addicts and alcoholics persist in self-destruction despite knowing the extreme consequences. In the begining an addict is not ready to confess that he is an alcoholic, he is in the so called state of denial – I am not an alcoholic, I do not need help, I can stop drinking whenever I want, everything is under control. The next step is the conession – an addict wants to quit but he feels trapped. It has nothing to do with ‘will-power’. His brain is physically addicted to ‘feeling good’ and demands the substance. How long will it take to overcome your addiction? Every person and situation is different.

stop drinking alcohol

Alcohol withdrawal is a very difficul task but with the help of the lastest laser technology you can succed faster and more efficiently *. Those who have never been an addict will find it very hard to understand the real nature and dimension of the problem – they will accuse, moralize. The fact is that such an approach does not solve the problem!

In the process of alcohol withdrawal we want to:

  • - terminate physical desire to drink alcohol
  • - reduce the negative symptoms
  • - detoxicate the body
  • - learn how to avoid stressful situations, or how to solve them
  • - change the lifestyle and eliminate bad habits

The laser therapy treats energy points of your ears by applying a special laser. In this way we try to reduce  the negative physical symptoms and side effects which are present during the alcohol withdrawal period. However, the first condition to succeed is addict’s true and complete determination to stop consuming alcohol! In the beginning of the abstinence an addict will feel empty and lost. Laser therapy can help you fill the emptiness and with the help of some other find methods, one of them is good natural nutrition, the perfect harmony of your body*. An addict has to learn how to live without alcohol!


What happens during laser therapy?

A special laser device is focused on 12 specific energy points on the ears. This process releases a flow of natural brain chemicals (endorphins) through your system.

The treatment procedure takes about 30 minutes, it is repeated 3 times, every 3-5 days.



 *results may vary


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