“Thanks to Laser Meridian I am still smoke free. Thank you for a treatment that works.”
Jasna, Ljubljana

“I quit! I had 0 cravings, 0 mood swings, 0 feelings of withdrawal, I have tried everything else and this works!”
Marjan, Škofja Loka

“It sure worked for us. No pain, no side effects, takes only a few minutes.”
Božidar, Ljubljana

“The laser quit smoking treatment was painless and the most easiest way to stop smoking, no cravings and no mood swings.”
Mirko, Maribor

“Prior to the laser therapy I had smoked for thirty years up to two packs a day.”“It worked for me and I had no ugly withdrawal symptoms.”

Darinka, Kranj

“I like to thank your staff and program for helping me to stop smoking as I was a 3 pack a day smoker.”
Marinka, Ljubljana

“I smoked for 40 years. Every time I tried to quit smoking I almost went crazy. When I left the clinic I was a non-smoker! It was that simple and easy.”
Roman, Ig

“I cannot believe how easy it was to quit smoking.”

Bojan, Koper


“I can’t thank you enough for the treatment and people can’t believe how easy it has been for me to quit.”
Verica, Nova Gorica

“You were correct. Three and a half months ago I walked out of your office and I was an instant non-smoker.”
Metka, Novo Mesto

“I recommend your method to anyone who really wants to quit. I thank you for your help and expertise in getting me to my goal- a non-smoker.”

Jasna, Mengeš

“I didn’t expect the laser therapy to work for me- it sounded way too easy. I’d known about it for four years before I decided to try it. And it worked! It’s been over a year and I’ll never smoke again!!”
Albin, Koper

“The support of staff at your clinics have been very supportive. I’ve never felt alone during this challenge. For which I sincerely thank you.”

Zmago; Kranj


“I tried for 4 yrs after a heart attack to quit , tried everything out there. No luck. I went to Laser Meridian and it worked I am now a non-smoker.”

Marija, Novo mesto

“On the word of other clients, I came in for a laser treatment. It hasn’t been easy because one has to go through the withdrawal of nicotine, but the laser treatment stopped my cravings and constant thoughts about cigarettes.”

Lojze; Velenje

“I love being a non-smoker! I had tried quite a few methods of stopping smoking and just could not get over the cravings for cigarettes. Every failed attempt just seemed to make the situation seem more hopeless to me. I was so excited to find this process and having it work so well with a minimum of withdrawal symptoms and very few cravings is like a miracle to me. I am very grateful.”

Žarko, Celje

“I have experienced more vigor in the mornings although I usually go to bed by 9 pm unless there is someone visiting. The water intake has been a great boost to my well being, as it energizes me due to assisting against dehydration.”
Denis, Domžale

“Thank you for your help in my successful attempt to quit smoking. It has been over six months now and I still can’t believe that I actually quit.
Thank you, with your help my whole life is better than I had ever thought it would be.”
Tereza, Ljubljana

“Let me start by stating that I thought there was no chance whatsoever that I would ever be able to stop smoking. I smoked for almost 30 years and I tried everything to stay quit. This was the most incredible treatment I have ever experienced when I left I almost felt like I had never smoked. The urge and desire were totally gone. I kept waiting for them to come back and they never have. It’s been 2 months and I feel great!”
Kristina, Ljubljana

“Today it has been 8 months since my last cigarette. It is truly a miracle. I smoked 1-2 packs a day for 25 years. I tried the patch twice, hypnosis twice and countless other methods. This works! Thank you for helping me take control of my life! I have sent 2 people here and they have enjoyed the same success! Right now I am in the waiting room with my niece for weight control treatment.”

Damijan, Ajdovščina

“It has been much easier to quit smoking since I had the laser. The laser seems to take the edge off your attitude when you quit. In the past when I’ve quit I have been real grumpy this time I didn’t see a change in my attitude at all.”
Darja, Ljubljana

“I can tell you I was as skeptical as the next person when I drove to the appointment and how thrilled I am at the results. I continually walk and talk about what a great and successful method the laser therapy is. You have a real talent performing the laser therapy and a real feeling when dealing with the patient. It may be a combination of inheritance from your former trainer. Whatever the end result is, it works.

Miha, Maribor


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